Results Timeline

This workout has the shortest Timeline because the lips respond so well to these exercises. One of the main muscles around the mouth is the Orbicularis Oris - it's called the 'kissing muscle' - something you might want to do more of when your results start to show!

All the changes in the Timeline were noted during my own thorough evaluation and testing of the exercises, and by people who took part in the monitored client trial for Faceworks

Take Care: check in your mirror when you do the Lip Builder. If you notice little vertical lines appearing when you pout and push the lips out, leave the exercise out for now. The other exercises will still give your lips a good workout. Note: this does not happen for everyone.

When you reach two months and the muscles are more toned, try adding the Lip Builder in again. There are some 'fixes' in the exercise instructions to adjust the position to stop lines forming.

These are the results you'll see if you keep to the 5 times a week schedule:

One Week

You'll notice that after your workout, lips look bigger - this happens because of the boost in blood flow from the exercises. After two to three weeks, the plumping effect becomes more permanent.

Two Weeks

The overall appearance of the skin improves, and lips are plumper and rosier. Expression lines around the mouth are beginning to look less visible.

One Month

Lips are plumped with an enhanced upper lip shape and cupids’ bow. Benefits to the skin have increased, the complexion is smooth, glowing and feels firmer to the touch around the mouth. Each side of the mouth the skin looks toned and 'tighter' as the muscles firm up.

Two Months

At two months, minor imperfections around the mouth have reduced. The outline of the lips is defined now that the orbicularis oris is toned and firm. Lips are enhanced in size and colour. Folds and lines are smoothed out, especially the labial folds that start at the side of the nose and run to the corner of the mouth. The mouth area is rejuvenated and enhanced: and the best thing? It's all natural: no fillers or chemicals to worry about.

“I’d like to thank you for this very positive group of exercises. I have been doing them for 2 months now and see a big improvement. I had used a VERY well-known program prior to Faceworks, but I was not happy with it” Isobel, Scotland

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