Results Timeline

All the changes in the Timeline were noted during my own thorough evaluation and testing of the exercises, and by people who took part in the monitored client trial for Faceworks. It's usual for first results to emerge at the top of the face and those further down to appear later on. So if you're anxious to see changes around your mouth, for example, just remember it's likely to happen after month two.

Everyone is different physically, there will be little improvements all the way through. If you're not getting the results you expect, check through the 'How To' and Problem sections in Part One, Two or Three. It usually is simple to solve it and get those results happening.

The Express Workout is great for the first signs of general ageing, such as fine lines, creases around the eyes and a slight loss of definition elsewhere.


Get yourself a Faceworks buddy. Ask an observant friend or family member to check the results with you against the Timeline. It's a good idea to choose someone who you don't see every day, as it's easier to compare changes from one time to the next.

Or keep a Results Diary and write down the changes you notice every two weeks. This was what we did for the Client Trial and it was a great motivator. By the end of the three month trial people were coming in for their appointment waving their diary in excitement. It was a privilege to share their happiness.

Two Weeks

The overall appearance of the skin is the first response to exercise – the complexion starts to bloom; eyes are brighter and more open, skin problems less noticeable. Cheeks look subtly toned, lips are plumper and rosier.

One Month

From the top of the face: eyebrows are enhanced with a higher arch that opens more space between brow and the eye.The first lift on the top lid shows as less 'droop', and lines at the outer corner are less obvious. The eyes are bright and open, the lash line appears enhanced, imperfections under the eyes appear reduced.

There is a noticeable lift in the cheek muscles from Cheek Toner One. The cheeks are tighter, with more shape and the front of the face looks more contoured.

Benefits to the skin have increased: the complexion is a healthier colour and feels firmer. The firmness comes from increased resting tone within the facial muscles underneath. Lines and wrinkles are beginning to fill out. Skin problems like dryness and blemishes can be seen to be improving. Overall, there are definite but still subtle changes – your friends will ask you if you’ve been away or had a facial.

Two Months

Frown lines have reduced and the brows themselves sit higher. Hooded eyes and crow’s feet are lifted away. The eyes retain their brightness even if you’re feeling tired. Under eye skin is toned and smoother with a reduction in bags and dark shadows.

The cheeks are more contoured over the front and sides of the face. The sides of the face below the cheeks look sculpted and slimmer

Around the mouth, expression lines are reduced and lips are plump and rosy.Skin continues to improve, and feels and looks firmer and healthier overall.

Three Months

The brow lifting effect of Eye Toner Two reshapes both the brows and the upper eyelid. The tired, weary look that settles in across the eyes around the age of 30 is gone. The top of the cheek is restored to a natural curve, the skin under the eyes looks refined and smooth.

Cheek contours are more defined and the change is noticeable from all angles.The lower face has improved too: and now appears neater, slimmer and 'tighter'. Increased skin firmness is felt most over the cheeks and lower face.

Around the mouth, toned skin contrasts with plump, defined lips. Naso-labial folds and expression lines are smoother as the skin ‘drapes’ properly over firm muscles.

The skin looks rejuvenated over the entire face. It looks healthier from the glow brought by the increase in blood flow that nourishes, and lymph circulation that removes toxins. Fine lines are reduced and any slight sagging should be erased.

With all of the workouts, improved circulation helps to normalize skin problems: dry skin is more nourished and oily skin prone to fewer ’breakouts’. One of my Trial subjects completely erased her patches of red, dry skin by 10 weeks, and another trial subject reduced her hormone-related spots by over 60%.

*Sagging can take four to five months to lift for the 50+ age group.

Three Months Plus

If you decide to carry on with a workout 3 or more times a week, the muscles will continue to regenerate. If you've got to this stage and decided that this workout isn't enough, then switch to the Complete Workout.

The most brilliant side effect that I hadn't considered when I started, was that facial exercise would protect my face from ageing as I got older. It is absolutely true that facial exercise slows ageing down, and it does this by keeping both skin and muscles in optimum condition. When I shot the videos, I was 46. In the little workout thumbnails I was 54. I'm 58 and through menopause now, and I STILL look better - twelve years later - than before I started doing face exercises at 45.

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