Welcome to Faceworks! First Things...

So you’ve signed up and made the leap! I’m delighted you’ve joined the Faceworks family. Just like any fitness regime, there are a few little things that will really help you get started.

Before you dive in to the exercises and your facelift, I'd like to introduce you to the course, so that you know where everything is. It will - I promise - only take a couple of minutes.

The way that the course is structured gives you the BEST way to get those results coming. If you skip straight to the workout – and I know it is tempting – you’ll miss the information you need to make your new look happen.

As with any new exercise program, I’d advise that you check with your GP to make sure the Faceworks exercises are suitable for you, even if you consider yourself to be fully fit. If you have any past or current injuries, or any medical condition that requires professional care or medication, please be safe and seek advice from your specialist before beginning the program.

The Course

Part One covers your first workouts and what to expect from the exercises. You’ll find out how to start the program: the workout schedule, Beginner's positions, what the Focus Point is (and how to use it) and the answers to all the other what, when, how and why of your first two weeks. And don't worry: I will cover potential queries and problems as we go.

Part Two moves on to using the workout with a regular schedule. I'll hone in on how to fit your workout into your life easily, and how to supercharge your results. I find the ability of the body to regenerate pretty magical! There is also advice on how to motivate yourself to get to the end goal (useful if you struggle to finish things). Part Two takes you to the end of the first three months and the end of the intensive phase.

Part Three Now it gets easier, as you shift to the lower maintenance schedule. If you are in your late 40s or over, you may decide to carry on with the intensive schedule a little longer: I will cover all the possibilities open to you in this section. We'll look at strategies for using the exercises long term. Once you have Faceworks, you have it as your secret to fabulous aging: for life.

Part Four goes into more detail on the science of facial structure, and how the face ages. Here too, you'll find information on how Faceworks was developed.


Faceworks Classes are extra to the curriculum above and give a structured, goal orientated course that goes into more detail. You'll get a new downloadable Class every two weeks after your start date, accessed here on the website. They run for 16 weeks (a total of 8 classes) and include:

  • Your Goals to achieve ready for the next class
  • Results to check and aim for
  • Motivation Tips to help you keep up with the schedule
  • Expert knowledge to teach you about face exercise: great to help you keep your facelift for life.

Welcome to the new you.

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