Results Timeline

The best thing about working the top of the face is that the changes show so quickly. The small muscles on the brows and eyes are close to the surface of the skin, which means you'll achieve your new look much faster than if you were working your lower face.

All the changes in the Timeline were noted during my own thorough evaluation and testing of the exercises, and by people who took part in the monitored client trial for Faceworks

If you use the recommended 5 times a week schedule, these are the results you' ll see.

One Week

These exercises are known for their complexion boosting powers, and you might notice changes after just 4 or 5 days - often with a subtle brighter, less 'tired' look. We're all a little different physically: so don't fret if the changes aren't noticeable on week one.

Two Weeks

The overall appearance of the skin improves: the complexion looks warmer and healthier, and skin looks smoother around the eyes. The eye shape looks more open, and the whites of the eyes look brighter. The effect overall is of a good night's sleep.

One Month

Eyebrows now are are noticeably higher, consequently there is more space between brow and eye. The lift from the brow transfers down, so that skin from hooded or drooping upper eyelids is lifted too. Wrinkles on the top lid and at the outer corners reduce. Skin over the whole area continues to improve and appears smoother, more refined. For the eyes themselves, the lash line is more defined, and people might notice there is more of a sparkle going on about you.

Two Months

The arch of the brows has enhanced as brow muscles regain their shape and tone, and there should be a marked difference in lines and frown furrows in between the brow: those 'nasty Number 11's'. The eyes retain their brightness and sparkle - even after a tiring day or a poor night's sleep. Under the eye, hollows, puffiness and eye bags are beginning to look better. The benefits under the eye are not just due to muscles toning up, it's the circulation boost into deep skin layers that works a little magic too.

Three Months

If frown furrows are deep, it can take until now for them to reduce significantly. The brows themselves should look naturally more shapely, even on days you go make up free. Upper eyelids are lifted and the delicate skin around the eyes looks firmer, with wrinkles, crow's feet, etc. all reduced considerably. Under the eyes, muscles at the top of the cheek support the skin to plump out under-eye hollows and erase puffiness, eye -bags and dark shadows.

It's the combination of higher brows and general rejuvenation that wipes away the 'tired' look that develops around the eyes, which can happen younger than you'd think.

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